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Batch-Fed Fired Biomass Boilers

FARM 2000 are leading manufacturers and suppliers of batch-fed biomass fired boilers that are used for cost effective, energy saving central heating, hot water and warm air systems for farms and agricultural applications as well as domestic, commercial and industrial. Farm 2000 biomass boilers produce low cost heat by the controlled combustion of biomass, eg. wood, woodchips, straw, pellets, and clean untreated waste.


FARM 2000 boilers now RHI approved on grade A waste wood  

Experience - over 3000 installations UK and overseas.

FARM2000 have been produced in the UK since 1976 and offer outstanding value from the point of practicality, stoking capacity and convenience. Our long term experience of biomass combustion and heating enables us to offer practical and viable solutions

Wide range, and low stoking frequencies.

FARM2000 boilers produce heat outputs from 20-300kW (70,000-1,000,000 Btu/hr). Dual boiler installations can be installed for higher outputs.

Design and Installation

FARM2000 boilers are robust, efficient and controllable, allowing easy installation and simple operation. They can be installed by any competent heating engineer.

RHI payments are available on FARM 2000 boilers when burning wood logs, cereal straw and Grade A Waste Wood