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How to set-up and use your FARM2000 Wood Fired Boiler

This short video gives current and prospective FARM2000 boiler owners a simple guide on how to set-up and run their boilers correctly. Please turn on your speakers, there is sound.

FARM2000 Big Bale Boiler Burning Straw

Shows intense combustion during gasification stage, during which most of the heat is produced. During this stage combustion should be smokeless.

FARM2000 Big Bale Boiler – Smokeless Combustion

TFARM2000 BB154/2 (prior to completion of building) burning straw with no visible smoke.

FARM2000 Straw Fired Boiler

Video showing wheat straw burning in Big Bale Boiler.

FARM2000 Wood Burning Boiler showing gasification

FARM2000 wood burning boiler with upward gasification. Plenty of pre-heated secondary air, combined with ample room in the top of the fire chamber, ensures efficient smokeless combustion. i.e for best results only half fill the combustion chamber with fuel.

FARM2000 BB 254/3 Burning Straw – 1 hour after light-up

FARM2000 BB 254/3 Burning Straw – Loading

FARM2000 BB 254/3 Burning Straw – Lighting

FARM2000 BB 254/3 Burning Straw – 10 minutes