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Typical Installations

Without Accumulator

Smaller boilers which are loaded 2-3 times per day and can feed upstairs hot water and gravity radiator circuit can be installed without an accumulator.

With Accumulator

For larger boilers where low stoking frequency is required (1-2 times per day or less), large accumulators are strongly recommended. Not only to store heat but to absorb excess heat in the event of pump or power failure. More about accumulators

With Back-Up Boilers

Existing oil/gas fired boilers can be retained as back-up to an automatic or manually stoked boiler.

Installation Guidance

FARM2000 do not physically fit boilers, but with over 30 years experience, we can offer guidance to both to you and your installer.

Most FARM2000 boilers are installed by heating engineers/plumbers with no previous experience of our boilers.

Typical locations for FARM2000 Boilers…