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Farm 2000 Boilers are now RHI certified on untreated grade A waste wood

After a long development program our HT and BB range of boilers are now RHI certified on untreated Grade A waste Wood. Boilers included in this certification range from a HT60R up to and including our largest boiler, BB254H/3R. 

The boilers passed with flying colours with NOx and Particulates well below the allowable limits. 

Terry Warman our technical manager spoke on this success,

“As biomass fuel prices increase the demand for cheaper alternative fuel will become more critical in the future. The recycling of waste wood in a clean and efficient manor to produce a high quality biomass fuel is a market we feel we can now move into. Our previous concerns regarding recycled biomass fuels have been alleviated by a more regulated industry with many suppliers working to high standards. This along with the controls brought in by the BSL (Biomass Suppliers List) have given Farm 2000 the confidence to move forwards and gain RHI approval.”

If you are thinking about using a recycled biomass fuel or have a process that produces clean grade A waste wood and would like to know more, then please don’t hesitate to contact us in the first instance to discuss on 01527 821621.