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Farm 2000 Push Off Buckets

Farm 2000 have now designed and developed a push off bucket with a maximum travel of up to 2m. The robust design utilises a hydraulic system that gives the bucket as much power when retracting as it does pushing.

Our designer Peter Foster had this to say

“We have managed to package a hydraulic system in to a 1.2m space that gives a 2m push. We looked at multistage rams and various scissor mechanisms, but felt that the design we came up with produces more pushing power and has less moving parts than most of our competitors. Multistage rams were one option, but the lack of power developed using a double acting multistage ram ruled this option out. We also looked at various scissor systems, but felt that we always wanted a straight push to give the design more reliability.”

For costs and specifications please contact Farm 2000 on 01527 821621.